Build a community
where people
make money & have fun
/10 CAC
x10 retention
Google & Facebook have put a 10-30% tax on all of us
Buying digital ads became a death spiral: Cost per thousand (CPM) inflates at 14-185% YoY
It's the best time to build & grow our own communities to fly over the financial crisis.
Evita is a science-based tool to boost 60-day retention by up to 85% and cut CAC by up to 90%.
We build sticky habits of daily community-based learning. It's fun, engaging, and delivers value for the people.
Build an effective edutainment funnel to engage people in your community, and start organic sales with high retention.

Target metrics:
• 3 Evita-style courses
• 50% YoY membership growth
• 60%+ 60-day retention
Build an ultimate community
with ambassadors, edutainment, rituals, gamification & more.

Target metrics:
• 1/3 CAC compared to the industry median paid ads
• 60%+ 60-day retention
• 100%+ Net Dollar Retention

Evita Smart


Evita Check-up

• 50-parameter Evita Community Scorecard
• Industry benchmarking
• Growth opportunities

Evita Tribe

Grow your cult

– Master new powerful community tool
– Boost sales and retention
2-week course
Community members reviews
  • This was a great experience!
    I learned a lot more details about the topic and had great conversations during our weekly live sessions. The homework afforded practical application, the facilitators were engaging and my colleagues were very knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend this course.
    Tara Batemon
  • They Keep You Motivated
    I enjoyed the course. Honestly the first course I have ever finished this quick. They keep you motivated. Also enjoyed the team work with my peers.
    It was simple to learn and understand. Learnt both the theory and practical. I loved the entire experience.
    Favour Aseyege
  • I enjoyed the learn and earn course
    Evita has conducive learning structure and well-detailed web3 contents.
    I'm happy to have enrolled for this course.
    Gloria Okeke Shekinah
  • Great course
    Great course, good arrangement and the reward system. Many thanks to the organizers and colleagues for the positive and friendly atmosphere.
    Valdas N.
Most recent experience at a glance:
Organized The Future Lab in Palo Alto, where Silicon Valley venture funds and founders collaborate and outline the clear vision of the future and define which startups to launch to move humanity to prosperity.
Educated and engaged 250,000+ people to open stock market brokerage accounts for a $100B market cap European bank.

Built Women's Startup Academy for Cartier, engaged hundreds of ladies to launch their businesses. Set up an ambassador program to nurture the team of Cartier community leaders.
Our mission is to engage businesses to spend $1T/yr in creating value for communities and society instead of spending on paid ads at big tech corporations.
Evita is headquartered in Silicon Valley and accumulated global experts in building communities.
Measurable experiments with real communities, and keep going
We've been building loyal communities for brands
more than
Extraordinary retention rates are driven by our unique science-based approach, based on engaging educational series that build learning habits and bring people together.
Benchmarks to evaluate communities and understand how to grow them. This advanced scorecard was developed by our Evita R&D lab.
Core team
Built Cartier Women's Startup Academy General Producer at L'Oréal Sustainability & Zero Waste education program.
General Producer at Puig Annual Networking & Educational Sessions in Cannes.
Sweden, MS Aerospace Engineering
Roman Selivan
Building communities since 2009: tech managers (5,000+ members), investors (8,000+), entrepreneurs (5,000+). Launched Palo Alto Future Lab.

LinkedIn | Twitter
California, PhD in Financial Math
George Goognin
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