Build Your Cult
2-week private mastermind with 5 min/day homework

Set up & grow a community around your brand to boost sales/retention and cut marketing costs

There's a Tectonic Shift
Businesses turn into commodities: it's easy to copy 99% of the services.

Buying digital ads became a death spiral: cost per thousand (CPM) inflates at 14-185% YoY, everyone's trying to buy ads on the internet.

Retention is hard too: Uber, neobanks, etc. have <5% Day-60 retention rate.
So, there's a split into Attention Owners and Buyers.

Attention owners:
1/ Have pricing power
2/ Unique
3/ Sovereign

Attention buyers:
1/ Razor-thin margins
2/ Are commodities
3/ Not sovereign
Build Your Tribe To Stand Out Of The Crowd
Companies that focus on building communities perform much better.

They have x10 better retention:
They spend 10 times less (or ZERO) on marketing:
Join our community-driven course on building branded tribes to x10 your sales, retention, and marketing efficiency:
How Evita Helps?
We engaged 250,000+ clients with a less than $5 CAC to open stock market brokerage accounts for a $100b market cap European bank.

We built a Startup Women's Academy for the famous luxury fashion brand.

We launched startup accelerators for multi-billion dollar banks.

How do we do this?
  • We build tribes around brands since 2009.
  • We made 1,000+ measurable experiments with real communities.
  • Based on our scientific approach, we designed a technology that funnels people from super-simple online chat education to becoming active buyers and forming networks of brand ambassadors.

Here are some sneak peeks:
  1. Help people to solve important un-google-able issues.
  2. Provide valuable education.
  3. Make it fun & engaging.
  4. Sprinkle with a bit of dark patterns that Twitter and TikTok use.
  5. Spice it up with religious cults like Tesla, Apple, and Birkin do.

Who will benefit from the course?
  • CEOs/founders
  • C-level management
  • Growth managers
  • Sales & Marketing
  • BDOs
  • HRs

What are the outcomes of building tribes?
  1. Boost sales
  2. Increase retention
  3. Optimize marketing budgets
Accenture: there's a +30% probability of having the highest revenue growth and speed-to-market for the companies who shift to an engaging customer experience and treat users as living people
Course format:
  • 2 weeks.
  • Virtual private chat room.
  • Community of pre-vetted peers with same goals.
  • 5 min/day homework.
  • 2 community calls with interactive games.
  • Opportunities to earn extra perks.

  1. How community can cut marketing costs, boost sales & retention.
  2. Real examples from different industries.
  3. Picking the right audience.
  4. Outlining the goal of the community.
  5. What value can your brand bring to the table?
  6. How people can help each other in your tribe?
  7. Evita-style technology of building communities via engaging education.
  8. Seven magical things that people look for in communities.
  9. Building your basic community in practice.
The next batch starts February 9th.
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