Your first step
from rags to riches
Evita is building a community for underbanked Americans, to pave their way from poverty to a better future
Did you know that 15 million Americans use pawn shops? Mostly because they don't have access to the traditional banking system and, in many cases, nobody showed them how to make money and keep them growing.

We are partnering with pawn shops and local communities to spread financial literacy across 10% of the US working population who barely use banking.
The Partnership
Pawn shops are licensed and regulated financial organizations that lend money and take the collateral. If a borrower defaults on the loan, the shop takes over the collateral and is looking to liquidate it fast. The major types of stuff that pawns take are cars, art, watches, jewelry, guns, and prepaid&gift cards.

10-15 million US people are not considered eligible to open a bank account, so many use cash or prepaid cards to receive money for their jobs. And many of these items eventually end up as pawn shop collateral.

Evita aligns interests:

1/ We help pawn shops to liquidate collateral from their defaulted loans. Then, we use part of the borrowers' leftover balances to pay for their financial education.

2/ We also help pawn shops to fulfill their desire to have a non-mercenary mission and contribute to the community.

3/ We help people who are stuck in defaulted loans with no bank accounts to gain hope for a better future and start their way to a financially stable life.
Our First Community
We're launching our first financial literacy community in Miami by partnering with the Pawn Shop at 1038 36th St, Miami, FL (formally known as Bee Pawn). They have a solid reputation over the years, are compliant with local licensing and regulation rules, and have more than a thousand of loyal recurring customers.

The founder is 7 years in the business, and wants to transform the pawn industry from something with a bad perception to a business with purpose.
How Evita Helps The Community?
We will invest a significant part of the collateral liquidation fees into building educational programs focused on financial literacy and running online and IRL events across the community.

We aim to deliver concentrated and easily digestible knowledge about how to make it step-by-step, from poverty and 200% APY loans to higher-paying jobs and financial stability.

Our unique Evita-style technology also includes mastermind sessions, where students share their experiences, help and inspire each other.