Business communities for doers
1/ Exim community
Save up to 75% in FX fees and 90% in time for international payments, find new trading partners, best tariffs, and support.

2/ Fundamental investors community
See the future and get objective analytics on fundamental opportunities.
Why Communities?
We have studied business applications of communities for years. We love it so much that we're publishing our research openly. A loyal and tight-knit community cuts marketing budgets 10 times and boosts growth x10.

We have built business communities since 2008:
  • for banks (250k+ sales, $5 CAC, $200 ARR/user),
  • payment providers ($5k CAC, $30k ARR/user, 3+ years average retention),
  • B2B SaaS ($5k CAC, $15k ARR/partner),
  • investment platforms (10k+ users, $40 CAC, $1k ARR/user),
  • entrepreneurs (5k+ users, $5 CAC, $140 ARR/user).
Check out our public research on business communities.
Legal Disclaimer
Our core business is cross-border account receivables factoring. It doesn't require any licenses in the US.

We sometimes act as a 3(c)(7) exemption US private hedge fund to help our community members invest in advanced products like invoice factoring or digital assets.

To comply with the SEC regulation, we offer investment-related products privately and for qualified investors. This enables us to legally work without financial licenses and provide better prices to our customers due to the lack of regulatory burden.

Our website or public advertisement is not legal or investment advice. Our advanced services require complex onboarding procedures, including, but not limited to KYC, KYB, investor qualification, etc. We reserve the right to refuse customer service without detailed explanations of reasons.

Evita Investments Inc. doesn't directly provide banking or currency exchange services: such transactions are processed by third-party licensed partners disclosed in our private agreements with customers.