What Is Evita?
We build communities where people make money & have fun, and it can provide x10 retention and cut CAC 10 times.
Some examples of our deliverables:
1/ We helped a $100b market cap bank to engage 250k+ users in 2 years to open a stock market account with a $5 CAC.

2/ We built the Cartier Startup Women Academy and engaged hundreds of wealthy ladies in two months to launch their startups.

3/ Built the community of investors in alternative assets: 10k users, 1k+ active investors, 30+ months of average retention, $1,000/yr revenue/user, $40 CAC.

Some other great examples:
1/ Lululemon spent 1/30 of Nike's marketing budget and is growing 1.5 times faster than Nike in absolute dollars.

2/ Tesla spends zero on marketing and is growing +50% YoY in revenue.

3/ Harley Davidson saved themselves from bankruptcy and returned to making billions of dollars by creating a network of HOG communities.

How can my business benefit from Evita?
Evita develops a community around your brand using our 50-parameter Cult Community Scorecard.

We can execute the strategy or train your team to do this.

The potential outcomes are:
1/ Cutting CAC up to 10 times.
2/ Boosting 60-day retention to 60%+.
3/ Boosting annual Net Dollar Retention to 100%+.

And you will have a flywheel to engage more people in your community.

What exactly will you do?
We will go through the Evita Cult Community Scorecard and apply each parameter to your business.

How can I learn more?
Apply for a 2-week online mastermind on building communities. It's free!

How to buy Evita services?
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