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Community Review: Jacquemus

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Jacquemus is making $100m annual revenue with an authentic naive, raw, and smiley vibe. He grows real fast, and experts say he's going to be a fashion icon. Does he have a thriving community? Let's review it using 🌸 Evita Community Cult Scorecard.


Metaphysical Thesis

We couldn't find any solid mission statement on the internet. 0/100

Clear vision of the bright future

We couldn't find any future vision ideas of Jacquemus on the internet. 0/100


A touching story about Simon, who grew up in Southern France, who lost his mom early and dedicated his creativity to her. He's a self-made man who showed up in Paris with no money, made his way to the Louis Vuitton startup accelerator, and launched a successful business. While he's keeping calm and loving his country-life and doesn't look like a gnarly rich guy. 50/100

Giving hope

Jacquemus delivers a unique combination of sensual minimalism with youthful freshness and playfulness. "Naive, raw, and smiley," as Simon describes it. His shows bring a warm feeling that there are places on Earth where you can experience friendship and youth. 50/100

Emotionally supportive community

The team high-fives each other during the shows, but we haven't found any brand-related communities of non-employees. 10/100


The brand and the founder give a lot of public appreciation to celebrities, but we haven't found any cases of shoutouts to ordinary community members. 10/100


Jacquemus runs his fashion shows, accessible only to significant contributors to the fashion industry or the brand. While there's a lot of space for organizing different layers of private events for a broader audience. 50/100

People feel the power

The brand is mostly run by Simon and his closest friends & family. 0/100


The brand has a unique positive vibe with no opposition to external entities. 0/100


Simon is rapidly becoming a fashion legend: lots of interviews, shows, and magazine covers with him. But we haven't found any books or movies about Jacquemus yet. 50/100

Internal motivation

The brand is mostly commercial at the moment. 0/100


The brand is in the process of gaining its iconic symbols: micro-bag, tiny fasteners, youthful fresh colors. His bag created the whole category, just look at that eye candy 🤣 25/100

Communication architecture

Active peer-to-peer collaboration to solve vital issues

We haven't found any of these. 0/100

Active peer-to-peer collaboration to have fun

Can't find any of these. 0/100

Structured network of ambassadors

There are tons of top-level celebrity models and influencers wearing Jacquemus, participating in his events, and praising him on the internet. Emily Ratakowsky, Laetitia Casta, Kardashians, Lipa Dua, to name a few. 

Plus, when any person is wearing his clothes, it automatically becomes a visible ambassador of the brand (here comes the power of fashion). 75/100

Celebrity + followers

Simon is a fast-growing celebrity himself, has millions of Instagram followers, and a massive ongoing media coverage. 50/100

Local physical chapters

There are brick&mortar boutiques in Europe. 25/100

Global outreach

There are some third-party retailers who sell Jacquemus among other brands. 10/100


System of achievements / ranks / social statuses

We haven't found any of these. 0/100


We haven't found any of these. 0/100


We haven't found any of these. 0/100


We haven't found any of these. 0/100


We haven't found any of these. 0/100

User-generated content

We haven't found any of these. 0/100

Random events (raffles, lotteries)

We haven't found any of these. 0/100

External motivation

There are paid partnerships with third-party retailers. 10/100



We haven't found any of these. 0/100

Daily rituals

People engage with Jacquemus via Instagram and while wearing the clothes. 50/100

Weekly rituals

We haven't found any of these. 0/100

Monthly rituals

We haven't found any of these. 0/100

Quarterly rituals

His seasonal fashion shows are awesome and unique. 75/100

Annual rituals

He also participates in annual fashion shows, which gain tons of attention from the media, influencers, and celebrities. 50/100


Collaboration with governments

We haven't found any. 0/100

Collaboration with media/culture

It's huge: celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce, and Kardashians, media outlets, participation in ratings, fashion shows, and events. 75/100

Collaboration with large businesses

His collabs with LVMH, Nike, and Tekla are awesome and commercially successful. 75/100

Collaboration with science

We haven't heard about these. 0/100

Collaboration with other communities

Jacquemus is actively collaborating with LGBTQ+ communities. 25/100


Revenue / Marketing budget rate

We found only revenue info ($100m/y) but don't know anything about the marketing budget. So, we use the benchmark of LVMH and other fashion brands that spend ∼30% of revenue on marketing. 25/100

YoY revenue growth rate / Marketing budget rate

The revenue is doubling YoY, but there's no information about the marketing budget growth since the company is private. 25/100

5-year retention rate

The brand is too young to evaluate 5-year retention. 0/100

1-year retention rate

It looks like the brand has very loyal customers. Even celebrities collaborate with him for years. 100/100

60-day retention rate

60-day retention is a no-brainer in the fashion industry. 100/100

Community growth YoY in number of people

It's doubling each year. 50/100

Summary: Jacquemus is a solid Corporation, but far from being a Cult

Overall Evita Score: 6,655 out of 27,400.
Evita Community Grade is: 🧑‍💼 Corp.

Jacquemus has ranked very high for a young brand, and it tells us a lot about the power and cult-ness of the fashion industry. All customers automatically become brand ambassadors as they wear the brand logo across their bodies. Celebrities and corporations actively collaborate with Jacquemus boosting his integration into different communities. 

We believe there's a vast potential to grow the cult-ness of Jacquemus because he has built a unique category of bags and an authentic fresh youthful look. Here's what we can do further:
— make a movie and write a book about Jacquemus
— build an educational funnel to engage more people to the fashion industry, learn how to have fun and make money with fashion.
— provide more extraordinary experiences where people can feel the fresh vibe of the brand. A couple of fashion shows per year is too rare.

Here's the Evita Radar for Jacquemus:

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