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Why clear vision of a bright future is so rare?

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Weirdly, politicians, business people, and the media can't provide a solid vision of a bright future. 

There has been an American dream since 1931.
There was a USSR global communism dream since 1905.
Even the Cold War produced clear goals, like reaching out to the cosmos or (at least) boosting GDP.
Hundreds of millions of people all around the globe were inspired by these future visions for decades. And it had led to a giant leap of progress.

Now it's all gone.
Lots of folks blame each other.
Many try to scare us with different kinds of armageddons.
Nobody's providing a solid positive, prosperous agenda. 

But people need it.
The oldest "businesses" in the world are religions. They're older and richer than democracies and royal dynasties.

One of the main features of religion is a clear vision of a bright future. Examples: 
1/ Jesus will come and save us, and we will live forever (Bible).
2/ Factory workers will take over the means of production and create infinite prosperity for each other (USSR).
3/ We will switch from oil&gas to the wind&solar, and will save the humanity (Eco-activists).

These visions could be irrational or have zero underlying scientific research, but they work: billions of people follow these visions.

Do you have any examples of bright visions? Feel free to share.
A community is a major moat a business can have today.

Everything is easy to copy:
. Logos/designs/websites
. Paid ad strategies and texts
. Logistics/infrastructure 

The only moats a business can have are:

  1. Super-deep intellectual property that's 10+ years ahead of competitors. I see this VERY rare in the VC pipeline. And most VCs want to refrain from sponsoring this because they want fast traction. You can't have instant sales if you're going to develop nuclear plant technology 😜
  2. Super-deep government-level lobby. It's also VERY rare in the venture market. 
  3. Loyal growing community. Now, this is what every founder can achieve with no pedigrees.

And VCs love to fund niche celebrities: 
  • there's a hot audience
  • the founder feels the people deeply
  • they can rapidly test lots of crappy MVPs for free

And 99% of businesses are commodities and will shut down if they do not grow the community around—banks, 15-min deliveries, food producers, restaurant chains, etc. 

Building tribes is the only way to do business in the XXI century.

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