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People love shoutouts

Building Community
A shoutout is when your brand or community posts gratitude to one of the members. People love it:
  1. They get recognized by the tribe.
  2. They get some followers.
  3. They promote what they do.

👉 And it also engages other community members: they want to join the party and have the opportunity for a shoutout.

👉 The most interesting: nobody knows who will be shoutout-ed next time, so people will try to play this lottery over and over and submit more content.

Making shoutouts is free for a brand, so it's one of the best tools in terms of price/value. And I'm really amazed by the tiny amount of companies leveraging this basic tool.

Here are some great examples of systemic shoutout approaches:

  1. Lululemon is literally full of user-generated content.
  2. Patagonia is also famous for its community and environment-loving style.
  3. ASOS hashtag gained 1.4m posts.

Feel free to post your examples of shoutouts from brands.


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