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Do you have hope for a better future?

Building Community
People love it, and it's not only emotional. It's real:
— hopeful students have better academic outcomes, 
— hopeful adults report greater life satisfaction, 
— and hopeful seniors have significantly lower rates of mortality

Bringing some light of hope to your community members makes them more engaged and increases retention. 

Examples of this:
  1. If you follow the instructions from fashion magazines, you will become beautiful and rich.
  2. If you eat collagen (goji, black sesame seeds, etc.) — you will stop aging.
  3. If we turn from oil/gas/nuclear to solar/wind — humanity will survive after 2050.
  4. If you vote for X and they become a president — you will get better medicine and less unemployment.
  5. If you follow the Bible — you will go to Paradise.
  6. If you move to Silicon Valley — VCs will flood your startup with money.
  7. If you follow a Keto diet (paleo, vegan, fruit, prana) — you will be energetic and live longer.

That's It, Folks!

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