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Why do we need emotionally supportive communities?

Building Community
Because people are herd species evolutionary designed to survive only in organized groups 🙈

The famous 80+ years-long Harvard happiness study revealed that people who have supportive relationships: 
— live longer,
— live happier,
— have fewer mental health disorders.

Let's tap into good and bad examples.

  1. Bad example: universities with Bell curve grades (when your final grade depends on whether you're better than your peers) have a dog-eat-dog culture and 30%+ students visiting psychotherapists.
  2. Good example: Large, well-designed research studies have indicated that religious service attendance is associated with greater longevity, less depression, less suicide, less smoking, less substance abuse, better cancer and cardiovascular disease survival, less divorce, greater social support, meaning and purpose in life, greater life satisfaction, more charitable giving, more volunteering, and greater civic engagement.
  3. Another good one: Lululemon has an outstanding community where Lulu supports both ambassadors and ordinary users with social media shoutouts, thousands of events, money, and even free psychological help. And they somehow built a supportive peer-to-peer culture: just look at their Instagram #thesweatlife tag and check out how people provide a ton of support to each other 🥰 

Lulu is growing +$1.9B in annual revenue YoY, the same as Nike. But Lulu spends $37m compared to Nike's whooping $3.1B.

Can you mention any supportive community you're a part of?

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