Save time and money for global payments
Evita is building a community for exporters and importers
We save up to 75% in FX fees and 90% in time for international payments because we:

1/ Grow the community of global exim professionals.

2/ Clear as many deals within your homeland as possible.

3/ Streamline document flow and reporting.
Current Industry Issues
When a Asian, African, or Latin American company sends an international wire:

1/ Local bank uses a bad exchange rate which could be up to 15% different from the current FX depending on country, tariffs, local currency volatility, and other variables.

2/ If both parties are in a non-USD/EUR country, they spend FX fees twice.

3/ SWIFT payments take up to three business days which is up to five calendar days if you've sent it on Friday. Plus, it takes a lot of manual work to track the payment status on both sides.
The Community-based Solution
Join the community of exim pros to participate in the mutual clearing system that accumulates payment requests and clears them daily to maximize in-country transfers over international wires.

Basic example:
  • Company A exports coconuts from Thailand to Germany.
  • Company B imports coconuts to Germany.
  • Company C exports car parts from Germany to Thailand.
  • Company D imports car parts to Thailand.

Evita takes payment requests from each company and finds that Company D can pay Company A within Thailand, and Company B can pay Company C within Germany.

Evita helps companies to clear mutual obligations and sign all the documents electronically. Plus, as the community grows, our members get access to more viable partners and clients worldwide.

We typically perform clearing acting as a factor or an account receivables collector which makes our operations legal without financial regulations or licensing.
Our team of seasoned professionals
  • George Goognin
    Structured $250m business loans, founded Karma investment platform, automated banks since 2008.
  • Koichi Nishida
    ex-Chief MENA region Business Development Officer at Bridgestone, 30+ years of expertise in global trading.
  • Murat Kocak
    American-Turkish chamber of commerce. Envoy of the Israel Society international non-profit foundation.
Join the Private Beta
We're in the private beta mode because it takes time to gain traction, structure legal frameworks, and streamline processes.