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  • George Goognin
    I have loved to study investment opportunities since high school. Hundreds of people have asked me, "George, where to invest?" for years.
I predicted:

— crypto pump in Spring 2017
— DeFi/NFT dump in December 2021
— PreIPO, IPO and SPAC dump in 2020-22
— Commodity growth in Spring 2020

— the fall of the US major real estate markets in Spring 2022
— rebound of Belarusian bonds after the 2020 revolution
— Sberbank's rebound a year after the start of the war

And much more.

⭐ My main talent is to study investment topics calmly, without panic/FOMO.

I'm not afraid to be boring and talk about naked kings. On the contrary, the more I hear the salespeople's excitement and the media enthusiasm, the more strictly I study the topic.

My investment horizon and approach

Sometimes I make quick entries into the stock market for a year. Mostly it's connected to the Orange revolutions, wars, and other mess. If I see that an asset will not lose its intrinsic value in a year and the panic will most likely pass, I buy it.

I also often say where NOT to invest in the next year, and I can calmly explain why the asset is overheated.

⭐ My favorite thing is to invest in the production of goods and services that will be in demand at all times:
— energy
— food
— water
— real estate
— healthcare
— transport
— quality education.

My 50+ years vision:
Create an investment fund for $10B+, focusing on introducing new technologies that automatically produce in-demand resources and make them 10+ times more accessible.

I believe that humanity is worthy of becoming an interplanetary civilization that has created peace and prosperity on its mother Earth and is engaged in further study of the Universe.

I also see a trend toward an aging population and declining birth rates. So, learning to produce basic resources using robots only within 30-50 years is a matter of our survival. Trillions of dollars of wealth will be created in this area in the coming decades (or we will all just get old and fall apart, haha).

Anticipated Yield
I am young enough, so I mostly consider investments with a 50%+ annualized return on capital. The minimum return on investment products I gave to the public was 19% APY in Karma from 2019 to early 2022.

My fails
No one is perfect, and I've had two deals in my life, each of which burned all my income from the previous 1-3 years.

The general principles of both transactions, which led to a loss:
— lending money for high-risk business activities
— keeping fundamental issues of the project in fuzzy verbal chats
— excessive enthusiasm for the deal.

Loans were at very high-interest rates (25-100% APY), on ridiculous terms, and with personal responsibility.

I've learned the lessons. Now I legally separate entrepreneurial and personal responsibility, introduced many self-limiters and a strict principle of "I can skip every deal at any time."
What's the club value?
1/ Weekly analytical report about the type of asset or a specific investment product.
The report is divided into three levels:
— One tweet
— Half-pager
— Details

Document objectives:
— To form a multifaceted objective vision of the topic
— Give arguments to make an investment decision
— Understand how to invest (if it makes sense)
— Estimate the planned yield range and exit time.

2/ Weekly Digest on Prosperity Civilization
A short set of the most exciting links about increasing the availability of energy, food, water, housing, medicine, and education.

3/ Private Telegram community
No spam or ads. Everything is to the point: we help each other objectively study investment topics, vote for new projects, organize syndicates and help resolve business and economic issues.

4/ Monthly calls
We call up to discuss fresh topics, exchange news, and listen to fantastic experts who deliver ten years of life in half an hour and do not sell us anything.

I've been creating communities since 2009, from public ones for 10+ thousand investors to private ones for 100 entrepreneurs. The community's primary value is a cheerful, energetic vibe that allows people to make money & have fun without BS.
Why $190/mo?
It's a single family restaurant dinner in the US (NYC will surpass $300).

Investing only $9,500 at a 2%/mo rate will cover the subscription fee, and you'll get the education and the community for free.

We analyze non-public information, so Chat GPT or $1k/mo personal assistants can't generate our reports. We collect the data directly from sponsors, funds, paid subscriptions, and private chats with experts & regulators.

The private chat invitation will be emailed to you in 24h after the payment.

You can manually pay in USDT ERC20 if you want.

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