Investment Club
We invest in products that make energy, food, housing, and healthcare x10 more affordable.

We believe it's more efficient than printing money to cover monetary welfare.

It will put our civilization to a new level, where people can spend their lives on science, creativity, and family instead of wars and survival.

And we make money while moving humanity forward.

Our members have various background:
. VC GP from a Silicon Valley PropTech fund
. FedEx franchise owners
. Fintech founders
Private Telegram chat.
Weekly voting for new startups or industries.
Weekly deep analytical reports.
Interviews with founders and industry experts.
Collective investment via our Delaware multi-asset SPV.
Examples of VC funds with similar theses
The Column Group: 300% IRR on gene-editing startups to increase affordability of personalized healthcare.

Lux Capital: 40% IRR on microchip/AI/energy/space startups.

SOSV: 50% IRR on startups focused on making food, drugs, and robots more affordable.
About me
  • George Goognin
    Fintech founder/C-level exec since 2009, launched 30+ startups, made three of them profitable, and sold one.

We charge a tiny $190/mo fee to pay analytics, attorneys, and accountants.

We have no carry/management/setup fees from investors.

This page is not an investment advise.

The club is private and only for accredited investors.

Club members make investment decisions at their own risk.

Early-stage startups are extremely risky.

Investors may lose 100% of the allocated capital.