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Building Partnership Communities That Make Money

Building Community
How have Microsoft, Oracle, Avon, and dozens of other software & fashion companies made billions? They've built vibrant partnership communities of third-party solution providers.

Here are the basics:

Launch a partnership program with a 25-50% cashback to those who sell the product. These premiums are primarily available to those who sell software, luxury, skincare, agency businesses, etc. While a lot of food retailers have 100% markup, which is equal to 50% cashback, so even farmers can build partnership networks.

Create a social ladder: silver, gold, and platinum partnership levels and KPIs to reach them.

Launch an educational funnel from basic free webinars "How to make money with us on XYZ" to advance courses and regular IRLs.

Engage people to the funnel by leveraging local meetups and laser-focused niche influencers. Usually, these channels are cheap.

Set up leaderboards and ratings of partners, and award the best partners with golden statues.

Run regular raffles/lotteries: grants, prizes, event tickets, etc.

Help partners to ramp up or grow sales. Support with ancillary products from other communities.